My problem is about Radius reply. With user file it's possible to reply 
some AVPs with same name like that :
My-AVP += "name:robert",
My-AVP += "age:38",
My-AVP += "country:fr"

most important it's possible to do that :
 Sip-AVP+= "username:%{User-Name}"

But how it's possible to do  something like that with ldap attribute ?
because I use this :
replyItem    My-AVP           username_radius

but that work only one time, because when I do :
replyItem    My-AVP           username_radius
replyItem    My-AVP           age_radius

it's only return the last attribute content ( 38, the age of Robert ).
And when I type this :
replyItem    My-AVP           username_radius,age_radius

that return nothing ...
 Too bad, return 2 AVPs should be better :(

there is any method to do this ? could it be a new feature ?

thank for help

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