Patric wrote:
>>   Post the "key" for the acct_unique module.  Explain how two different
>> User-Names can result in the same key.
> I couldnt begin to explain if I tried! lol
> I guess Im going to HAVE to try get some results from the people that 
> control the NAS.

No.  Look in the radius.conf for a section that looks like this:

acct_unique {
       key = "User-Name, Acct-Session-Id, NAS-IP-Address,
Client-IP-Address, NAS-Port"

That creates the second key (the one that doesn't come from the NAS)
that is based on the first one.  Notice the User-Name is part of the
mix, hence Alan's question about how they could be the same.

Dennis Skinner
Systems Administrator
BlueFrog Internet
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