Arran Cudbard-Bell wrote:
> At least in 1.1.5 it doesn't fall through properly if a user belongs to 
> multiple groups and the check items in the first group  partially match..

  In which version did it stop working?

> Least that my experience.
> Anyway, nice work on pre 2.0 , looking forward to it in anticipation.

  There are a few more things that have to go in, and then we can do a
2.0.  I'll leave off the "magic" features for 2.1, as it's way past time
2.0 should be released.

> Is freeradius development quite closed, or is it open to everyone ?

  One of our mantras is "As always, patches are welcome."

  However, we get the occasional email from people saying "I have a
patch... give me CVS commit access".  The answer is always "No.".

  Patches get audited for security, code style, etc. before they get
applied.  Some patches get completely re-written.  People get CVS commit
access after all of their patches go in with minimal changes.

  Alan DeKok.
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