Kevin J wrote:
> I noticed that more IPs I add to clients.conf and huntgroups, more steep
> performance declines FreeRadius got.  Guessing the linked-list.  Have we
> considered other data structures like hashing or btree?

  In the CVS head, clients are in a binary tree.  I've successfully
tested it with 500K clients.  It used 1G of RAM, but it worked...

  For huntgroups, there currently isn't a fix.  The "files" module has
moved to a hash, so "rlm_fastusers" shouldn't be necessary.  I've tested
that with 2M users, and apart from startup time, there is almost no
difference between server performance with 1 user or 2M users.

  Maybe the fixes for "files" could be ported to "huntgroups".  Ideally,
though, if there are enough huntgroups to be a problem, they should go
into a DB.

  Alan DeKok.
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