I am using freeradius_1.1.3 i want to test the capacity of it.  For that i m
using radclient tool to measure the capacity.  I want to test how much
request per second radius is capable to handle  for that i m firing the
below mention command.

echo "User-Name = [EMAIL PROTECTED]", "CHAP-Password = 1234" | radclient  auth test123

But when i m using -n option with radclient it is giving me below error

# echo "User-Name = [EMAIL PROTECTED]", "CHAP-Password = 1234" | radclient -n
10  auth test123
radclient: invalid option -- n
Usage: radclient [options] server[:port] <command> [<secret>]
 <command>    One of auth, acct, status, or disconnect.
 -c count    Send each packet 'count' times.
 -d raddb    Set dictionary directory.
 -f file     Read packets from file, not stdin.
 -r retries  If timeout, retry sending the packet 'retries' times.
 -t timeout  Wait 'timeout' seconds before retrying (may be a floating
point number).
 -i id       Set request id to 'id'.  Values may be 0..255
 -S file     read secret from file, not command line.
 -q          Do not print anything out.
 -s          Print out summary information of auth results.
 -v          Show program version information.
 -x          Debugging mode.

When i am seeing the man radclient Than the option n is giving so please
tell me how should i use the command .

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