On 4/9/07, Alan DeKok <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Ian Truelsen wrote:
> > When I connect to my AP, authenticated by freeradius using EAP-TLS, I
> > get an entry into radpostauth, entries
> > in /var/log/radius/radacct/ and detail-reply
> > files, but I am not getting any entries into radacct. I don't know
> > whether this is because the NAS is not sending any accounting packets or
> > my setup is not correct. However, since I am getting the entries into
> > radpostauth, I think I must have the setup correct.
>   As the README and FAQ say: run the server in debugging mode.  It will
> tell you if it's receiving accounting packets.

I did just that when I set up a Foundry test switch, and I noticed
that I was getting (and entering into the database) authorization, but
not accounting packets.  I bit of digging in the docs later, and I was
able to cobble up the incantation to tell the switch to send
accounting information, too.  I'd previously set up the correct ports,
but it took additional commands to get the switch to _send_ the
packets over the port.

Check the docs for your NAS, specifically look for something like "aaa
accounting enable..." or the like.  You didn't say what vendor made
your NAS, so guessing commands is going to be a bit difficult.

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