I have faceing same problem when some time NAS send ACCT-STOP packet and packet 
would be lost then user session would be open and next time whne user try to 
login he/she got error multilogin so that i have implement checkrad.pl script 
and check simultaneouse users through SNMP and it is working fine but i dont 
know why acct-stop packet lost 

I have one more query regarding idle-time out if i set idle-time out 5 min then 
user automaicaly disconnect if connection was idle but suppose NAS send 
acct-stop packet and packet will be lost then idle-time out work in this case 

PD <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: On 4/12/2007, "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"  wrote:

>+ what cause of this problem ?
>Either NAS thinks that users are still connected or your RADIUS server is
>not receiving Stop packages. If NAS (NAS not radacct table) shows users
>as connected you can add Idle-Timeout of about 5 minutes in user (or
>group) configuration. If RADIUS packets are not being received have a
>look at your network. NAS needs reliable connection to RADIUS server -
>you shouldn't have firewalls and such in the way.

Well... the problem only persist sometime.. let say once or two
timeseveryday. The communication between Radius box and NAS using STP

Currently we are still on development stage of hotspot system. Before
implement them on big area, we found some problem, like explain above.
When I log in and log out or shut the notebook down without logout, I
can see both start and stop the record on radacct table,

I could not find the problem sources.. perhaps someone else has face the
same problem ?

>+ how to delete this entry daily (perhaps with crontab)
>Don't do that. Fix your server communication and then delete stale
>entries once.

Well.. with simultaneous-use:=1, the same user will not be able login
anymore because radius see that he / she still online.



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