Jacob Jarick wrote:
> I start the wireless connection on XP, enter in user and password,
> freeradius runs the ntlm_auth command but then it spits out this
> huuuuge message. Its so big the terminals buffer isnt big enough, but
> I have copied and pasted everything I can.

$ script logfile
$ radiusd -X
$ exit
$ more logfile

>    (other): SSL negotiation finished successfully
> rlm_eap: SSL error error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0)

  That's fixed in 1.1.6.  It's not an error, it just logs too much

> Failure to validate user:
> Exec-Program: /usr/bin/ntlm_auth --request-nt-key --domain=
> --username=Administrator --challenge=bb4c397988ae6ebc
> --nt-response=4a7cd9abdfc2f92680c182845a937f4beb6646c4cddd7de1
> Exec-Program output: No such user (0xc0000064)
> Exec-Program-Wait: plaintext: No such user (0xc0000064)

  The ntlm_auth program returns that there's no such user.

  Maybe you should try testing with a user other than Administrator.

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