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> Ryan Kramer wrote:
>> I SUSPECT something might not be escaped in a manner the MS AD server
>> likes, or maybe just the fact it has any escape sequences built in at
>> all is what is causing it to toss it.
>   No.  As I have said already, the problem is that the LDAP queries are
> being escaped.  Please pay attention to what I'm saying, it might help
> you solve the problem.
>   The default install does not do this.  The default configuration does
> not do this.  Other people have not run into this problem.  The problem
> is almost definitely the way you are building the queries.
>   i.e. the LDAP queries are built up as:
>   <text from config file> ldap_escape(other text) <text from config ...>
>   The text that you, as administrator entered into the configuration
> file is NEVER escaped.  The text that a random user enters as a
> User-Name is ALWAYS escaped.
the problem is with the groupmembership_filter. It contains the 
Ldap-UserDn attribute which gets xlated and escaped:

A DN usually contains commas which get escaped and break the ldap 
search. I am not so sure why we should escape ',' in the first place. 
That way we break any ldap searches for attribute values holding DN's.

>   If you're putting queries into an attribute, and then later using that
> attribute as part of another query, that text WILL be escaped.  The
> server has no way of telling where that text came from, so it's untrusted.
>   The solution is to carefully examine how you build the queries.  There
> may be simpler ways of doing it, which avoids the double escaping issue.
>   Alan DeKok.
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