I've installed FR 1.1.6 onto a clean CentOS 4.4 box and got this error,
double free or corruption + some hex value.

My CentOS /usr/src directory is empty, so I can't build an RPM as suggested
in that link. Can I get yum to fill that up? Any ideas as to how to get this
working? I've also tried ./configure --with-system-libtool but that lead to
installation errors.

Could I copy a 1.1.6 precompiled binary to this computer? I'm not having
this problem on my intel machine, just on my opteron. Would there be any
hidden beef with doing this or conflict with freeradius somewhere?


Roberto Greiner wrote:
> Nicolas Baradakis wrote:
>> Roberto Greiner wrote:
>>> I've installed FreeRadius 1.1.6 to my Debian Etch box, trying to solve
>>> the 'glibc double free or corruption', but the error is still happening.
>>> To make sure that no old library was causing the problem, I searched for
>>> any file and folder which could be from the old freeradius (using locate
>>> *radiu* and updatedb, it until no file was to be found). Then I
>>> recompiled everything and reinstalled. The problem persisted. Could I
>>> have missed some library with the locate I used? Is there a better way
>>> to uninstall everything for the upgrade? Any other Ideas?
>> http://wiki.freeradius.org/Build#Building_Debian_packages
> That did the trick. Everything is working well.
> But before putting it into production I will try again the previous
> building and see if I can get the data Alan requested with valgrind.
> Roberto
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