Hi, here is the current scenario:

* school with wireless access
* allready uses radius (soon to be freeradius)
* freeradius auth's via a win2k3 Active Directory Server
* teachers need to be able to log into WAP's a,b,c etc and be
automatically assigned to the teachers vlan
* priv students need to be able to log into WAP's a,b,c and be
assigned to the priv student vlan
* norm students simply need to have network access denied from WAP's a,b,c

>From what Ive learnt so far today, I need to configure the radius.conf
to retrieve the users group from the ADS and then return auth and map
group -> vlan / tunnel ID.

If some1 could provide me an example or documentation / howto I should
read Id be very thankfull. Also if the scenario wasnt clear enough
please say so and I will re explain.

Thanks alot FR crew.
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