Hy all,

i use freeradius 1.1.3

here is my problem:
i use radiusaccounting into a mysql database.
I want to extract information out of the accounting packet and insert it 
into the sql database:

My Acct-Session-Id looks like this.
Acct-Session-Id = "domain\\user"Thu Mar  1 14:29:58 2007"NC"

the last field, here NC is one of this NC|WSAM|JSAM

So i put this to acct_users:

DEFAULT Acct-Session-Id =~ "^.*(NC|JSAM|WSAM).*"
        My-ST == `%{1}`

My-ST is defined in dictionary

ATTRIBUTE       My-ST                   3004    string

i see that rad_xlat gives the correct value to My-ST but i cant use it in 
the sql statement.
Its empty.

acct_users: Matched entry DEFAULT at line 23
        radius_xlat:  'WSAM'

How can i define new Attributes? And use them in sql.conf

Thanks a lot
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