Jacob Jarick wrote:
> I have been pouring through the oreillys LDAP book (quite informative
> so far to btw). I got the example of using freeradius against the
> linux passwd file working fine. I tried their Freeradius and OpenLDAP
> (now I know ADS isnt OpenLDAP btw) and it fails with the following
> message: rlm_ldap: ldap_search() failed: Operations error

  That's an internal LDAP error saying "something went wrong", and it
can't be more specific than that.  I'm not sure what to suggest.

> If some1 else has a working radius setup that auths againts AD using
> LDAP would they mind sending me the ldap { } section, would be very
> handy to compare my config to a working one.

  Google is your friend:  "freeradius ldap active directory"


  Alan DeKok.
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