> i need to configure my freeradius server in proxy server to use it with
> windows IAS! i want the configuration of the files of freeradius which can
> permit me to do that!

We all want lots of things. Asking a bit more polite might help.

> my last coonfiguration  of these files is:
> radiusd.conf
> proxy_request = yes
> proxy.conf
> realm gie.local {
>                     type     =  radius
>                     authhost =  LOCAL
>                     accthost  =  LOCAL
>                     }
> realm DEFAULT {
>                       type     =  radius
>                       authhost =  araignee.gie.local:1812
>                       accthost  =  araignee.gie.local:1813
>                       secret     =  parfait
>                       nostrip
>                       }
> Clients.conf
> client {
>                            secret = parfait
>                            shortname  = araignee.gie.local
>                            }

This snippet of config looks good, under the assumption that 
araignee.gie.local is resolvable on your DNS server and resolves to IP

Now, configure your FreeRADIUS server as a client on the IAS box so that IAS 
accepts the proxied requests, and, if appliable open the required firewall 

BTW: do you actually have a _problem_? Nothing in your mail tells us where 
things don't work. The general, several-years-old and well-documented rule 
here is: post the debug output of radiusd -X if you hae a problem. It will 
help people here figure out the problem.



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