Jakob Hirsch wrote:
> is it possible to filter out accounting requests with an
> Acct-Status-Type of Interim-Update?

  That depends on what you mean by "filter out".

> rlm_attr_filter works obviously only when we are a proxy, and rlm_files
> with this acct_users changed nothing:
> DEFAULT Acct-Status-Type == Interim-Update, Auth-Type := Reject

  Auth-Type works for authentication, not accounting.  Use Acct-Type for
accounting packets.  It's in the documentation.

  If you are trying to log some packets and not others, then do
conditional logging.  e.g. "if packet is type I want to log

> Anybody with an idea? Otherwise I'll have to add that to our logging module.

  Perhaps you could explain what you mean by "filter out".

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