Marcelo Augusto Rodrigues Pimentel wrote:
>             I´m trying to configure freeradius with PEAP + EAP-TLS, but
> I´m making some confusion to configure the radiusd.conf  (sections
> authorize and authentication) and eap.conf.
>             Have someone implemented this configuration?

  Yes.  Many people.

>             In the eap.conf file the default eap type is TLS or PEAP?

  If you're doing PEAP, then it should be peap.

>             What I´ve to configure in the authorize and authentication
> sections?

  For basic peap, not much.  Just configure "eap.conf".

> *FreeRADIUS Version 1.0.1*

  Why not run 1.1.6, which has many more bug fixes and features?

  Alan DeKok.
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