Hugh Messenger wrote:
> ObDisclaimer: I have googled my best google, and read all the docs I can 
> find, so please be gentle if this is a dumb question.
> Is it possible with freeradius to use SQL to retrieve certain return 
> attributes (in this case rate limiting values for PPPOE sessions), 
> whilst still handling authentication through PAM?


However, in the current code there must be *something* that matches in 
the radcheck or radgroupcheck table for the user/group, else the 
radreply/radgrouprelpy table won't be used.

Maybe easiest to put this in radcheck:

insert into radcheck (username,attribute,op,value) values (

...then put your per-user attributes in radreply.

Alternatively you could defined a local attribute in the dictionary:

Attribute       My-Fake-Item    3000    string

...and set that. There are probably cleaner ways to do it using SQL 
groups and/or the "search on not found" / default profile stuff, but I 
must admit to not groking that part of the 1.1 SQL code.
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