> Hello everyone,
> FreeRadius 1.0.1 from RHEL 4.
> I get the following error (only shown in debug mode) after 
> 1-2 weeks of 
> server working fine, without any issues:
> rlm_ippool: Searching for an entry for nas/port: 
> rlm_ippool: No available ip addresses in pool.
>    modcall[post-auth]: module "<pool_name>" returns notfound 
> for request 0

> The only fix so far was to remove the pool files and recreate 
> them again.
> Any thoughts of what could be wrong ?

First check if your assigned IP addresses are released from the pool:

man rlm_ippool_tool

If not, confirm that the pool module name is defined in the acctounting{}
section of radiusd.conf and that your NAS sends accounting Stop messages.


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