We've recently upgraded our radius servers from 2.1.12 (CentOS 6 packaged default) to 2.2.1 (latest stable from FR, built by hand).

A config that used to work under 2.1.12 no longer appears to work the same way under 2.2.1. Our Cisco WLCs send periodic probes in the form of a test authentication. There is a snippet of config that intercepts these authentication requests:

# /etc/raddb/conf.d/wism-checks.conf
if (Service-Type == "NAS-Prompt-User") {
 if (NAS-IP-Address =~ /^172\.17\.107\./) {
  if (User-Name =~ /^wisms\-testing/) {
   update control {
        Auth-Type := Accept
  else {
updated = return

This config is included in every virtual server's outer config:

# /etc/raddb/sites-enabled/eduroamlocal
authorize {
  $INCLUDE conf.d/wism-checks.conf

Looking at the output from radiusd -XC the wism-checks.conf file is being included in multiple places, yet when the server is running there is no record of these test probe packets being processed. This means the WLCs think the radius server is dead, and stop using it. I've had to roll back to 2.1.12 to restore stable wireless service for our users.

I can only assume this code block is being skipped over for some reason. At present I'm unable to drop production radius servers into debug mode since they can't handle the load while debugging, and while I do have some development radius servers, our WLCs won't sent it these probe packets unless it is an active production radius server.

Does anyone have any tips for debugging this in a minimally disruptive way? At the moment we don't have any development WLCs but we might have to get some so we can have a separate environment for testing. In the meantime I'm trying to get this code block to work so we can use the newer version of FR.

Thanks, and happy Friday
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