After many years of development, the FreeRADIUS team is happy to
announce Version 3 of the world's most popular server.  The release was
delayed from June in order to track down and solve a number of
last-minute issues.  We'd like to thank all of the beta testers for
helping with that process.

  The release announcement is available on the web site:

  In short, it's simpler, easier to use, and better organized.

  Upgrading instructions are available here:

  As this is a major version, you CANNOT just use your 2.x configuration
files.  Sorry, but many of the new features require changes which aren't
compatible with 2.x.  See the LDAP and SQL modules for new connection
pools, for example.

  The debug output is colorized, with yellow WARNINGS and red ERRORS.
This should help people understand which messages are important and need

  RADIUS over TLS (RadSec) is supported.  This means RADIUS has actual
security, instead of the 20 year-old MD5 weirdness.

  Many configuration errors are caught at startup, rather than run time.
 Helpful messages are printed, including a pointer to which character
caused the error.

  The raddb/ directory has been re-organized.  The files should now be
easier to find, as they use a consistent layout.

  DHCP and VMPS are still supported, but their code has been moved to
plug-in modules.  We expect to continue this process for the 3.1
release.  The goal is to move RADIUS to a plug-in module.  The server
will then be capable of handling many more protocols.  We have a number
of new protocols in development, and will be announcing them later this

  SNMP traps are now supported.  You can trigger a trap when a home
server goes down, and when it comes back up again!

  While supporting many new features, the code is almost 10% smaller
than version 2.2.  In addition, it has daily builds on multiple
platforms, including automatic static source code analysis.  This means
that the code is smaller, more secure, and easier to maintain.

  We'd like to add a special thanks to the Samba project, for the talloc
library.  Many of the new features we made possible by talloc.  We
expect more features in the future.

  Alan DeKok.
  FreeRADIUS Project Leader
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