On 08/10/13 17:40, Mulindwa wrote:
Dear pple,
I have looked for this and failed to get it, i have users with set
volume limits and they get knocked off once they hit the limit, however
; i want to have this taken to the next level, i.e once the limit is
hit, the user's profile be changed and they can only get to certain
website /URL/IPs  .

How can i achieve this?

1. See if your NAS supports these features - filter by URL/IP. If it doesn't, you can't do anything.

2. If the NAS supports the features, see how you can trigger them on a user or session. It's possible you can apply the filters with a CoA packet, in which case you could generate the CoA directly inside FreeRADIUS - see the examples that come with the server.

3. If you have to trigger the features some other way (poke via CLI, SNMP, HTTP/REST/SOAP API) then write a script to apply the filter to the session and use the FreeRADIUS "exec" module to trigger it.
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