Volker Lieder wrote:
> Within the old version, we used a database config for groups with an 
> attribute "Session-Timeout" and the value `%{expr:06:00}`

  Which never worked.  "06:00" isn't a number.  You can't just invent
syntax and use i.

> With new version freeradius send an error while looking in debug mode like:
> Tue Oct  1 16:15:23 2013 : Info: [sql]        expand: 06:00 -> 06:00
> Tue Oct  1 16:15:23 2013 : Info: [sql] Not a number at ":00"
> Tue Oct  1 16:15:23 2013 : Info: [sql]        expand: %{expr:06:00} -> 
> Can you explain why this value isnt working with new version or what we have 
> to change to set the Session-Timeout that user get disconnected e.g. at 06:00 
> am?

  It didn't work in the old version, either.  It just didn't complain.

  You should use the "Expiration" attribute:

bob     Cleartext-Password := "hello", Expiration := "06:00"

  That should work.

  Or, calculate the Session-Timeout manually.

  Alan DeKok.
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