Dear FreeSurfer Team,

I heard that FreeSurfer could calculate the Gaussian curvature and Mean
curvature by vertex level.

Do the computed curvature values be saved as the subject/surf/lh.curv  or
rh.curv  files?

When I prepared the generated mass-univariate data, I used the mris_preproc
with [--meas curv] option, not [--meas thickness].

*mris_preproc --qdec-long qdec.table.dat --target study_average --hemi lh
--meas curv--out lh.curv.mgh*

I wonder this option is right usage to analyze the cortical curvature. And
I wonder the 'curv' is what specific value is meaning.

If I want to designate the specific curvature values(Gaussian or Mean
curvature ) to analyze by vertex level, how can I use the [--meas] option?

Thank you,

Best wishes,

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