Hi all,

I sent a message previously and just wanted to check in one more time about 
this question (apologies for the repeat message!).

I’m using Optseq2 to generate stimulus / jitter schedules and, depending on the 
TR I use, in the output files I see onset times like 124.4001 (instead of 
124.4) or 124.7999 (instead of 124.8).  

This is the command I’m using:
optseq2 --ntp 75 --tr 3.2 --psdwin 0 22.4 3.2 --ev wordPair 3.2 45 --nkeep 6 
--o CRtiming.2017 --nsearch 100000 --tnullmin 0 --tnullmax 6.4

Should I be concerned about the outputs (does it mean that I’ve specified 
something incorrectly in the above command), or is it correct to assume that 
something like 124.4001 just means 124.4?

Anyway, thank you so much for your help on this!

Best wishes,

Ruth Shaffer  
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