Hi Donatas – All sounds fine. You can process single time points, and you can 
process subsets of time points if the DWI data from one of them is unusable. 
The T1 base template is only used as a reference space for longitudinal 
TRACULA, so it shouldn’t make a huge difference if one additional time point 
was used to generate that T1 base template (assuming of course that there 
wasn’t a huge morphological difference in that specific time point that would 
make the base template much different if it had been generated without that 
time point).


 on behalf of Donatas Sederevicius 
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Subject: [Freesurfer] Longitudinal TRACULA study


I want to clarify some aspects longitudinal TRACULA processing before 
processing my data.

For example, I have 3 timepoints of data of the same participant:


All of these have structural and diffusion data (same scanner, same acquisition 
parameters). I processed structural data using FS longitudinal pipeline and got 
the following:


Now I want to run longitudinal TRACULA processing. If all data is OK after 
quality checking (struct and DWI) I could set the configuration file as follows:

set subjlist = ( sub101_01 \
                 sub101_02 \
                 sub101_03 )

set baselist = ( base_101 \
                 base_101 \
                 base_101 )

It turns out that DWI data of sub101_01 is extremely distorted and cannot be 
used for processing. Should I re-process struct data based on the last two 
timepoints or is it perfectly fine to use the base and long derived from all 
timepoints although I’m running tracula for the last two timepoints of DWI?

In addition to that, is it fine to run longitudinal TRACULA on a list of 
subjects where some of them have only one timepoint of data and structural 
processing underwent longitudinal pipeline for that one timepoint?

Thank you for your answers.

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