Hi everybody!

I'm very new to freesurfer and I'm trying to perform a reconstruction using
recon-all. My problem is I don't see how I can access a single file to
input to recon-all. I've run dcmunpack -src <path to mri-file>
but the only output I get  is

Found 2 unique series: 4 401
Subject (name of subject)
Date (date of examination)
Time 110000
Institution (place of acqusition)
4 3DBRAVO+Gd 3.344 8.724 13 0.9375 ROW 195.312 ./EE975AF8
401 refSAGBRAVO+gd 3.344 8.724 13 0.46875 unknown 195.312 ./EEF3A407

How do I access the actual files of these series?

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