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Dear all, (dear Eugenio),

I would like to use hippocampal subfields as masks for mri_segstats to
retrieve intensity values. I am having problems loading the subfields file
although it works fine with aseg.mgz.

Does  anyone know the cause?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards

mri_segstats --seg $SUBJECTS_DIR/test/mri/aseg.mgz --ctab-default --sum
output.txt --in $SUBJECTS_DIR/test/mri/T1.mgz

mri_segstats --seg $SUBJECTS_DIR/test/mri/lh.hippoAymgLabels-T1.v21.HBT.mgz
--sum output.txt --in $SUBJECTS_DIR/test/mri/T1.mgz

ERROR: loading $SUBJECTS_DIR/test/mri/lh.hippoAymgLabels-T1.v21.HBT.mgz
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