Your "Conversation using Codec2 video (
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_k-nhHE6CrI ) made me think about

Sorry a lot if these questions are answered somewhere, I'm not skilled
enough to find them.

What about Codec2 and...

- VoIP? Codec2 low bandwidth network/Internet connections with low
reliability, just like Mosh is for SSH.

- P2P? There are interesting  projects like ToX and RetroShare.


- Mesh Networking?

-  making it part of a bigger standard such has Opus? So Codec2 could
be the "really low bw and low latency mode for realtime

- would this be interesting for emergency communications? Now WhatsApp
and other services seems to be obligated to provide emergency calls.

- Can it be more reliable than GSM and others? I suposse FreeDV
implements the transport way, of course.

Kind regards.

PD: codec2.org points to a dead link. The GitHub mirror seems out of
sync and SourceForge is quite cumbersome to check fastly. Any plans to
move to GitHub?

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