> codec2.org points to a dead link.

Remove the word "blog/" from the URL The author has redesigned his web
directory hierarchy, and old links are obsolete.

> The GitHub mirror seems out of sync

The github mirror is unofficial, and probably someones personal hobby.

> SourceForge is quite cumbersome to check fast.

It's been around forever, and seems to do the job. Seems to have
longevity as an organization.

> Any plans to move to GitHub?

The author says he has no github plans, and has no interest in
changing the way he has been programming for many years. github may
not be around in a few years, depending on the success of their
workplace social engineering.

> Sorry a lot if these questions are answered somewhere, I'm not skilled enough
> to find them.

The answers probably don't exist. "If *you* build it, they will come."
- old movie line

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