On 07/08/18 10:54, Alan Beard wrote:
> Also guys, I'm amazed, nobody seems to want a Pi with a high speed disk
> interface.

It's not that we don't want it, it's that most don't want the cost of
such a beast.

The Pi is cheap because they took an existing SoC meant for
set-top-boxes and smartphones, high-volume devices with little need for
I/O.  It is because of the "high-volume" aspect of these chips'
production that make it possible to produce a cheap computer.

There are ARM chips that have these other interfaces, but there's less
demand for such things in mass-volume products, so they're more expensive.

is one that offers PCIe, yes, they sell for US$68, but I hope you have a
use of 1000 of them.  If you want individual ones, you're looking at
US$204 or ~AU$280.

~$100 for a LGA1151 motherboard, another ~$80 for a CPU, ~$50 for some
RAM, ~$30 for a PSU and ~$50 for a SSD: there's a similar spec x86
machine for about AU$310.

When you consider that ARM SBC will require a PSU (the x86 machine
includes this), suddenly the higher-end ARM SBCs aren't so compelling.
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