>> Is it bad idea to add an option to take the sample string from
>> stdin or other file?
> I don't have Japanese or Chinese text handy, but I want it on my
> finger tips for Freetype testing.  What is bad about hard coding it
> into Freetype?

Nothing :-)  It's a nice idea to provide default strings for (some)
Unicode blocks instead of the `brown fox' pangram.

Toshiya, ftview (and other demo programs) already provide the
possibility to view a string given on the command line, so it's not
clear to me what problem you see.

> Right now Freetype supports dinosaur platforms that did not bother
> to upgrade the compiler better than modern 64-bit platforms.  That
> is the fact!  Do you really believe that people with old compilers
> care about Freetype 2.7?  They don't.  That is also the fact.

Here I disagree.  The *library* itself shouldn't use C99, but I don't
object to using C99 for the demo programs, so please go ahead.


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