>>>> What I need is a reliable mechanism (across Freetype versions and
>>>> fonts) to determine if a font has horizontal hinting applied or
>>>> not.  It looks like it's something Freetype might need to
>>>> provide, since the true answer seems to come from the interaction
>>>> of flags, fonts, and engines.
>>>> Could this be something that I can read out of FT_FaceRec?
>>> No, it can't, since FT_Load_Glyph's load flags determine that,
>>> which comes later than the creation of `FT_Face'.
>> Could you get this from comparing linearHoriAdvance with
>> advance.x<<10 ?

I don't think so.

> What if we store the resulting load_flags after all massaging inside
> FT_Load_Glyph into the reserved field of FT_GlyphSlot?  Would this
> work?  Sorry, I do not like adding new function interfaces.

The very issue is to get information on how FreeType will render a
glyph *before* the actual rendering.  This essentially means we have
to call a function *instead* of `FT_Load_Glyph'.

Abusing `FT_Load_Glyph' for that purpose (for example, by introducing
a new FT_LOAD_GET_RENDERING_INFO flag that do what you suggest) looks


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