> Also, I don't think it's necessarily too late to get the information
> after FT_Load_Glyph is called.

Adam, Ben,

To be honest, I do not quite follow how Chromium does text rendering.
It was under impression that you guys do font atlasing (aka preloading
of font texture). We just provided presetting of bitmap dimensions to
facilitate that if you wish. This is a sort of GPU caching system. Now
you are asking about subpixel positioning, which is basically
uncacheable because you would have unique bitmap for each subpixel
position. I am totally confused now. Well, you can use LCD rendered
bitmaps as 3 individual bitmaps shifted by 1/3 pixel and have that
granularity but not truly continuous. I just wish I could understand
where Chromium is going in order to help more intelligently.


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