> It contains Greek characters

Well it rather contains Greek *symbols*, to be used mainly for
scientific purposes.

The font in question is an old symbol TrueType font, not having a
(native) Unicode cmap.  Instead, it contains a Windows symbol map
(3,0), to be addressed in the character range 0xF000-0xF0FE.  You have
to select this cmap manually.

However, the forthcoming FreeType version (to be released very soon)
has code to automatically synthesize a Unicode cmap (3,1) based on
glyph names, and which get activated automatically.  This means

> [...] For example, I've tried to get the Greek character delta in
> upper-case notation by doing the following:
>    FT_UInt glyph_index = FT_Get_Char_Index(face, 0x394);

... this use case *will* work properly then.


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