On 10.08.2017 at 21:46 Werner LEMBERG wrote:

>> It contains Greek characters

> Well it rather contains Greek *symbols*, to be used mainly for
> scientific purposes.

> The font in question is an old symbol TrueType font, not having a
> (native) Unicode cmap.  Instead, it contains a Windows symbol map
> (3,0), to be addressed in the character range 0xF000-0xF0FE.  You have
> to select this cmap manually.

> However, the forthcoming FreeType version (to be released very soon)
> has code to automatically synthesize a Unicode cmap (3,1) based on
> glyph names, and which get activated automatically. 

Actually, I'm thinking about backporting this feature to freetype 2.5.4
which I'm currently using in my app. I'd like to avoid upgrading to the
latest freetype because I'm using a customized version of freetype
and so updating to the latest freetype is rather a lot of work. 

Thus, I'd like to check first if I can have the new feature easier. 
So is this the patch you're talking about?

If it is, I'd first try to backport this to freetype 2.5.4 and see
if it solves the problem...

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