> I tried the suggestion from Werner, and downloaded the ftview demo
> from http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/freetype/freetype2-demos.git/.
> Since there are other features rely on the freetype in my project, I
> do not upgrade the version to 2.9, and keep it as 2.5.3.


> I still have some questions need your further help:
>   * "To make that work you need a FreeType library that has both
>     activated PCF and gzip support."  Does this mean that I should
>     compile pcf.c?

No, this means that the configuration macros
`ftoption.h') should be defined, and that the line


in file `modules.cfg' is present.

>   * I tried to compile the demo as the README.  But it seems that
>     there are some macro definitions are missing.  Is there any
>     instruction to build this demo?

The description is in file `freetype2-demos/README'.  If you follow
this to the letter, everything should work.  Note that it's probably
easiest if you compile FreeType (the library, not the demo programs)

  make devel && make

for compiling the demo programs instead of calling the configure

>   *   Is this demo only on desktop?

Well, inspecting glyphs usually needs something to look at, right?
But no, not all demo programs need a GUI.

>   * This demo seems to be more complicated to me. Is there any
>     simple demo to only handle the PCF? (The zip file is also not
>     necessary)

No.  FreeType provides a uniform interface to all fonts.  If you want
something simpler, look at the FreeType tutorial examples.



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