On May 18, 2017 8:13:07 PM PDT, Owen Densmore <o...@backspaces.net> wrote:
>So here's a group question or two:
>- If you use Facebook, how do you use it and why?

It's useful for discovering and rsvping to events. That's it though. I have no 
use for anything else it does. If more people used sites like eventbrite, i'd 
never sign into facebook again.

>So any interesting observation on The FaceBook Phenomenon?

Facebook smells a lot like an Apple product to me. People seem to like it 
because they want their tools to be transparent, ie to "just work". That type 
of user cares more about their ends and less about their means. Dorks like me 
tend to prefer explicit and present tools. Eg a "lofi" project requires an 
entirely different tool box and an entirely different workflow from a "hifi" 


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