Hi all, been reading your latest.
Questions --
1) artificial intelligence -- do you agree with Hawkings that if we really
go forward on mega creating it that it will sort of take over and spin off
in dangerous ways as he talked about in his May 3rd press briefing?
2) Korea nuclear war -- Somehow, I think we have to get Kim Jong-un to be
at the table, to feel somehow a part of decisions. if we keep surrounding
him with almost a bully mentality of bigs, like Putin and Trump, he appears
to be ready to go ballistic. Didn't his father threaten to kill him as a
child? The guy's been on the edge of death for so long he will leap into it
without much provocation. So, I think we need to bring him to the table and
hear him out a bit, somehow.
and I agree with Gary that this is friggin serious stuff.
*Global warming/sealevels/overheating planet -- Top level of seriousness --
100 year evacuation concept/time line tossed out by S. Hawkings, and Elon
Musk now working to get to Mars. Any scientists yet focusing on
subterranean living systems here? Huge tunnels/below earth/space type
windows that can take mega heat/ ways to evacuate the excess methane from
food animals and from humans/ biology issues??Thanks from Peggy Miller in

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