Your questions seem to assume that the only reason to expose one's body is to 
be desired.  I know that *I* don't wear shorts in the summer so that I'll be 
desired by the women (or men) in my neighborhood. 8^)  One reason I try to 
expose my arms even when I'm cold is in order to increase my cold tolerance.  
It has nothing to do with being desired.

On 02/14/2018 03:27 PM, Frank Wimberly wrote:
> This is not particularly relevant to Dave's essay but was stimulated by his 
> questions about physical attraction between genders.  I was puzzled while 
> watching the Golden Globes (for a few minutes) by the apparent conflict 
> between the themes of "Me Too" and "Time's Up"(?) and the very provocative 
> display of women's bodies.  I wonder if Jacques Lacan's insight that "Man's 
> desire is the desire of the other" is relevant.  In this case: women want to 
> be desired but not to be possessed or seduced.  Note that their bodies are on 
> display to who-knows-how-many strangers. A warm, affectionate relationship 
> with that number of men is not possible.  On the other hand, maybe it's a 
> question of asserting alphaness among women.  I don't presume to know whether 
> either speculation is the case.

☣ uǝlƃ

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