My experience with psychiatrists is that, when they finally pay attention to 
you, you are cured.  Try, “Please stop looking at your screen, look at me, and 
pay attention to what I am about to say.” Then make bloody sure you look HIM/ 
HER in the eye and ask for what you need as clearly, and simply, as possible, 
without attempts at irony or charm. What happens in the next ten minutes may 
determine whether you ever want to see that therapist again.  You just might be 






Nicholas S. Thompson

Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Biology

Clark University


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I suspect I need a psychiatrist to see weekly. The person I have now is to 
iregular and spends a lot of time on his computer so it doesn't feel like he's 
paying attention. Wich is just bad with someone with dyslexia because my body 
language, or voice or how I phrase something will fill in where I simply don't 
have the right kinds of words, and frankly need a pro to help with the 
medication and make sure what ever we try is actually doing good. What sort of 
stuff to avoid. For example : I't's just my experience with some of the SSRI's 
and other anti-depressents beer or wine just doesn't work. 

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