For what it's worth, I have nothing to contribute to many of your (Gil) 
questions.  I know I'm a blowhard on almost everything.  But I do actually try 
to stay quiet when I know I've got nothing of use to say.  Some people are 
different (e.g. Renee').  She'd rather someone respond with something/anything 
just to show she's been heard.  So, I've had to work on those little verbal 
queues like "uh-huh" just to show I'm still in the room.

A story to add weight to the idea: When I was a kid sitting at the dinner 
table, my sister, from the kitchen, asked if I had something to drink with 
dinner.  I nodded my head not thinking she couldn't see me.  My dad FLIPPED HIS 
LID, grabbed my head and started shaking it yelling: "I don't hear anything!  
Why can't I hear anything when I shake your head?"  He sure knew how to drive a 
point home. 8^)

On 07/11/2018 09:11 AM, Carl Tollander wrote:
> Having reasonable experience with presby clinic on St Mike's across from St 
> Vinnie.
> On Wed, Jul 11, 2018, 08:20 Gillian Densmore < 
> <>> wrote:
>     I tried asking before. I am going to trust again:
>     Problems: I do not trust Saint Vincents, want several clubs I can at 
> least try, I probably need a job career resume helping types.
>     Problems
>     After Monday simply do not trust Saint Vincents. Owen/Dad has a tendancy 
> to say IT must be their it etc. I got a secritary complaining to me about 
> their staffing issues and omg omg we have no staff. Like I told that rude 
> person. That's on them. Not on someone calling up for what ever reason. I got 
> basically told to shove problem up my....
>     Saint Vincents has  No doctors regularly, no nurse practioners, and from 
> what I can not a damn thing that actually works right. 
>     I am now looking for: Job and career types, fun, possibly a new GP, and 
> basically a fresh start: new evaluations, what (if any) meds I may need
>     A good and propper psychiatrists and GP with staff that actually pays 
> attention and doesn't rant about their staffing issues to patients
>     Voke/Joke rehab is a hap hazzard mess and hasn't worked in at least two 
> years so I t will not work at all.
>     I do not fully trust Freed my current psychiatrist because his 
> "perscritions" are a jiberish half hazzard mess from dragon naturally 
> speaking with out any specific spelled out to the letter how if and when to 
> use meds. What stuff to avoid with said meds etc.
>     The secretaries are rude and arguably incompitent
>     And they are just a giant cluster
>     On the postivie sides: 
>     Goals I am looking into  clubs etc I want to at least try and as dad says 
> the top priority is help affording getting out of this bullshit rut.
>     I want a actuall good and proper psyichatirst with a good and propper 
> office with a fresh start..  Freedmans scripts are to be blunt a mess. They 
> do not spell out exactly how and when to take meds. He has given me a ton 
> with absuletly no spelled out directions wich to to use.  I am no longer ok 
> with this.
>     I want someone that can assist me in finding a job to support my zumba 
> habbits. I refuse to believe that dos not exist anywhere in santa fe.
>     If that is not the case:
>     I want opinions, guidance and advice where to move to so as I can get 
> that kind support and guidance. I am more than open to moving ABQ if it comes 
> to it.
>     I am sick and tired of being stuck and must get actual substantive 
> grounded help getting out of a train reck of a life I have at the moment.
>     I must have meetups, fun clubs to be a be in: I've found I love to dance. 
> that's a fine place to start and someone sugested a meetup to try,.
>     I enjoy walks as well, but the all of two groups are how shall I say 
> flakey at best, It must be regular as in weekly
>     I love sampling teas 
>     I love tai chi 
>     I want to try Kung Fu-
>     I'd love to have a gym partner
>     I am just trying to make concrete strives to getting my ass in geer and 
> my act together in general.

☣ uǝlƃ

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