Glen, your anecdote joins nicely with Jaqueline's question "if this list
is dead, where will all the lurkers go?" to create an image of hundreds
of heads at hundreds of screens bobbing up and down!

This triggers for me, the famous film quote (tagline?) from the Alien 4
part trilogy: "In space, nobody can hear you scream".   I'm not a big
fan of horror, yet I happen to be (re)reading Stephen King's book on
writing aptly titled "On Writing" and of all the horrific movies out
there, Alien was the first (and approximately only) one to ever catch my

It also triggers my contemplation/reflection on our collective
attraction to Zombie Apocalypse movies... (Night of the Living Dead,
Omega Man, et cetera, ad nauseum) and the way this might be a subtly
coded set of messages allowing us to engage in the xenophobia we
consistently (western society?) seem to return to.

On 7/11/18 10:23 AM, uǝlƃ ☣ wrote:
> For what it's worth, I have nothing to contribute to many of your (Gil) 
> questions.  I know I'm a blowhard on almost everything.  But I do actually 
> try to stay quiet when I know I've got nothing of use to say.  Some people 
> are different (e.g. Renee').  She'd rather someone respond with 
> something/anything just to show she's been heard.  So, I've had to work on 
> those little verbal queues like "uh-huh" just to show I'm still in the room.
> A story to add weight to the idea: When I was a kid sitting at the dinner 
> table, my sister, from the kitchen, asked if I had something to drink with 
> dinner.  I nodded my head not thinking she couldn't see me.  My dad FLIPPED 
> HIS LID, grabbed my head and started shaking it yelling: "I don't hear 
> anything!  Why can't I hear anything when I shake your head?"  He sure knew 
> how to drive a point home. 8^)
> On 07/11/2018 09:11 AM, Carl Tollander wrote:
>> Having reasonable experience with presby clinic on St Mike's across from St 
>> Vinnie.
>> On Wed, Jul 11, 2018, 08:20 Gillian Densmore < 
>> <>> wrote:
>>     I tried asking before. I am going to trust again:
>>     Problems: I do not trust Saint Vincents, want several clubs I can at 
>> least try, I probably need a job career resume helping types.
>>     Problems
>>     After Monday simply do not trust Saint Vincents. Owen/Dad has a tendancy 
>> to say IT must be their it etc. I got a secritary complaining to me about 
>> their staffing issues and omg omg we have no staff. Like I told that rude 
>> person. That's on them. Not on someone calling up for what ever reason. I 
>> got basically told to shove problem up my....
>>     Saint Vincents has  No doctors regularly, no nurse practioners, and from 
>> what I can not a damn thing that actually works right. 
>>     I am now looking for: Job and career types, fun, possibly a new GP, and 
>> basically a fresh start: new evaluations, what (if any) meds I may need
>>     A good and propper psychiatrists and GP with staff that actually pays 
>> attention and doesn't rant about their staffing issues to patients
>>     Voke/Joke rehab is a hap hazzard mess and hasn't worked in at least two 
>> years so I t will not work at all.
>>     I do not fully trust Freed my current psychiatrist because his 
>> "perscritions" are a jiberish half hazzard mess from dragon naturally 
>> speaking with out any specific spelled out to the letter how if and when to 
>> use meds. What stuff to avoid with said meds etc.
>>     The secretaries are rude and arguably incompitent
>>     And they are just a giant cluster
>>     On the postivie sides: 
>>     Goals I am looking into  clubs etc I want to at least try and as dad 
>> says the top priority is help affording getting out of this bullshit rut.
>>     I want a actuall good and proper psyichatirst with a good and propper 
>> office with a fresh start..  Freedmans scripts are to be blunt a mess. They 
>> do not spell out exactly how and when to take meds. He has given me a ton 
>> with absuletly no spelled out directions wich to to use.  I am no longer ok 
>> with this.
>>     I want someone that can assist me in finding a job to support my zumba 
>> habbits. I refuse to believe that dos not exist anywhere in santa fe.
>>     If that is not the case:
>>     I want opinions, guidance and advice where to move to so as I can get 
>> that kind support and guidance. I am more than open to moving ABQ if it 
>> comes to it.
>>     I am sick and tired of being stuck and must get actual substantive 
>> grounded help getting out of a train reck of a life I have at the moment.
>>     I must have meetups, fun clubs to be a be in: I've found I love to 
>> dance. that's a fine place to start and someone sugested a meetup to try,.
>>     I enjoy walks as well, but the all of two groups are how shall I say 
>> flakey at best, It must be regular as in weekly
>>     I love sampling teas 
>>     I love tai chi 
>>     I want to try Kung Fu-
>>     I'd love to have a gym partner
>>     I am just trying to make concrete strives to getting my ass in geer and 
>> my act together in general.

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