Marcus -

It took me a few takes to get the implication/import of your response...
let me reframe:

    /This just in from a younger (40) colleague I've known for decades
    whose biases and understandings I think I understand well:  //

To add context for why I was puzzled by your response, she did just have
a baby (a year ago) and when CRISPR hit the deck (decade ago now?) her
first whimsical response was to say she wanted to splice back in the
genes for prehensile tails for humans (and she hadn't even seen Cats on
broadway, and long before the bad movie version where digitally rendered
tails were the main star)...  

So I thought somehow you knew all this and was calling *that* out.  I
don't think her son has a tail... or at least they keep it well tucked
when I visit.

Back to playing "whack-a-mole" with the myriad consequences of this

 Carry on,

 - Steve

> Alrighty, let's return attention to those genetically-engineered babies!
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> *Subject:* [FRIAM] Antiviral and Vaccine development and immune
> profiling from one of many insiders in the fray..
> FWIW -
> This just in from my daughter, molecularBio/Virologist at OHSU on the
> topic of antivirals and vaccines and human samples for immune profiling:
>     Also, this concept of targeting the host rather than the virus for
>     antiviral development is not a new one, has lots of complications,
>     and is something that people have been trying to do for years with
>     limited success.  However, there are lots of good virologists on
>     here (many flavivirologists!), and I do have some hope that
>     something good might come from it.  The press coverage of this
>     work makes me feel a little uncomfortable--not that he's being
>     opportunistic or dishonest necessarily but when the University PR
>     office gets involved, there's almost always some
>     spin/exaggeration. I will say (I don't know if you've seen the
>     interviews with Nevan) that I am enjoying his increased fondness
>     for eccentric suit jackets. 
>     I spent 4 hours yesterday on conference calls partly because no
>     one has anything else to do, but also because everyone's doing
>     their very best to get involved with Covid research, I think
>     mostly with good intentions.  We will be setting up some vaccine
>     development, which is extremely unlikely to have any benefit for
>     the current epidemic (although who knows? the current estimate of
>     how long we will be fighting this keeps lengthening), and I will
>     also be filling in in a colleague's lab who is collecting and
>     banking Covid19+ human samples for immune profiling--gotta go get
>     fit tested for an N95 mask today. I'm not particularly worried
>     about it but I have lots of people worrying for me, so then I
>     wonder if I should be worried...
>     One interesting thing I heard in the endless conference calls
>     yesterday was that they have tried an anti-CCR5 antibody in some
>     compassionate use cases with enough success that they are going to
>     try in more people.  The hypothesized activity is that it prevents
>     'cytokine storm' (basically very high levels of inflammation that
>     are responsible for most of the damage that happens at the end
>     stages). The good thing about this approach is that there are many
>     antibody treatments that would presumably do the same thing, so
>     there are lots of avenues to explore if this turns out to really work.
> I've been relying mostly on TWIV for keeping up with the current
> research because there's a ton out there, and it's good to have
> someone smart sift through it for me.
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