I have tried some minimally invasive changes to view2D and view3D spad
files in order to intercept the graphics data before sending to viewman.
Basically one has to modify "makeViewportxD", x=2,3, such that
"makeViewportxD0" is called only if "viewman" is set as the frontend
(default, of course). Particularly with regard to other UI it seems to me
that introducing new plot functions is not a good idea. Preferably one
should be able to use all "draw" function as usual, only by choosing
another frontend.
The following test file
produced the output https://nilqed.github.io/drawfe/ (thumbs).

 All draw functions but one seem to work properly: draw(curve(5*cos(t),
5*sin(t),t), t=-12..12) complained "no mesh" (not surprising). So my
question is *how to extract 3d curve data from ThreeSpace (SPACE3)?* I've
tried some of the functions there but got weird output. I have cribbed the
methods "pointList" and "mesh" from gnuDraw (which is ok but a stopgap
solution to me; draw is much more powerful, of course).

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