> When trying to integrate:
> integrate(1/(x^4+2*a*x^2+a^2-1),x)
> I get a list containing "all possible solutions"; that's okay, but how 
> do I determine what conditions the alternatives hold for?  Is there an 
> automated way; or do I have to evaluate each solution separately

Well, each solution is supposed to be correct solution.  Which
one is more appropriate depends on conditions unknown to the

> ?Dealing with the same problem I tried:
> complexIntergrate()
> and got one solution.
> Should I just go with complexIntegrate() all the time?

_You_ decide what you need.  But in general result of 'complexIntegrate'
is likely to be futher from user input than result of 'integrate'.

> I am evaluating the Rubi test suite in Maxima and trying fricas as a 
> fall back when Maxima fails; and trying to keep the interface simple.

Depends what you want to check.  In some tests I checked all solutions
returned by FriCAS, in other cases just the first result.

                              Waldek Hebisch

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