In my ftplet, I am trying to output a list of strings to the ftp client
session. I am using the response.write() to do this. But looks like
there is a lack of flushing in the response object stream, I get
different output each time. 

For eg, for the commands mkdir, I get the following ouput:

   ftp>mkdir testDir
       1111  Test1111
   ftp>mkdir testDir
       2222 Test2222
       3333 Test3333
       4444 Test4444
   ftp>mkdir testDir
       1111  Test1111
My ftplet code is below:

 public FtpletEnum onMkdirStart(FtpSession session, FtpRequest request,
FtpReplyOutput response)
    throws FtpException, IOException {
         response.write(new DefaultFtpReply(1111,"Test1111" ));
         response.write(new DefaultFtpReply(2222,"Test2222" ));         
         response.write(new DefaultFtpReply(3333,"Test3333" ));
         response.write(new DefaultFtpReply(4444,"Test4444" ));         
        }catch(Exception ex){

        return FtpletEnum.RET_SKIP;

Is this a bug, or am I not using the proper method to do it. I
appreciate any help

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