Janardhanan, Ajith (AJANARDH) wrote:
Thank you very much for the response. Your solution works for mkdir.

I tried this solution for LIST command too. But I am running in to some
small issues. I am using the following command:

 response.write(new DefaultFtpReply(200, "Command successful\n
File1111\nFile2222\nFile3333") );
 return FtpletEnum.RET_SKIP;

The result is
    ftp> ls
    200 Command PORT okay.
    200-Command successful
    200 File3333
    ftp> ls
    226 Closing data connection.
    200 Command PORT okay.

Any idea how to fix this would be greately appreciated.

The LIST command will open the data connection for transmitting the file listing. So, the client sending the LIST request will expect back a response saying that the data connection has been opened or will open it itself (depending on active or passive mode). So, just returning the response as done above would not work. Instead you will have to open a data connection and send your listing there, while sending status replies on the control socket. Have a look at our implementation of the LIST command for clues on how to do this:


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