That's very odd. I just created a very basic POM with the exact fragments that you used below and Maven happily download the required JARs.

What version of Maven are you using? Also, could you provide the output of "mvn -X compile" from that POM?


Kristian Rink wrote:

just discovered about the maven2 repository at

providing artifacts including ftpserver which is kinda good helping me
move my last internal project to using maven2. However, so far I haven't
been able of figuring out which sort of layout and/or repository
configuration is required to actually make use of any of these artifacts.

Currently, I do have the two entries...




placed in the appropriate places of my pom.xml. So far, maven2 seems to
do something, creating a few ftpserver related files in
$HOME/.m2/repository and attemts to fetch the appropriate jars which, by
then, never really happens.

I'm aware that this is a maven related issue and I'm possibly just too
stupid to do it right, right now; nevertheless: Any kind soul around
here ready and willing to point me the right way?

Many thanks in advance, best regards.

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