We currently have the situation where the project builds and works
with either JVM, although 1.5 is required for the SSL tests.

Due to the need for 1.4 compatibility, we're using the 1.0.x code
branch of MINA, the latest being 1.0.7.

It's currently not possible to switch to the 1.1.x branch of MINA
without making some code changes, to make use of the
java.util.concurrent classes, rather than the ones provided in the
backport-util-concurrent JAR.

Certainly for me this has now become a problem where I've needed to
change the FTP Server code to move forwards and make use of MINA
1.1.4.  Obviously this isn't a patch I can submit, as it will break
our Java 1.4 compatibility.

We have 3 options:-

1) Keep the code as it is, and remain compatible with both Java 1.4
and Java 1.5.

2) Drop Java 1.4, change the code to use MINA 1.1.x and remove the
dependency on backport-util-concurrent.

3) Create a 1.4 branch in Subversion. Keep the 1.4 branch as a
maintenance release where only bugs are fixed, and the TRUNK version
will move to Java 1.5, MINA 1.1.x and have all the new development.

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