That 421 looks like it's coming from your client ("remote server" is
what gives it away). FtpServer does not send such a message at any


On Wed, Feb 13, 2008 at 7:22 PM, Janardhanan, Ajith (AJANARDH)
> When the idle time out is reached, in stead of the standard "421 Service
>  not available, remote server has closed connection" message spitted on
>  to the client, I need to display a different message. Greately
>  appreciate if any one could tell me how to do it.
>  Currently my customized messages are in the FtpStatus.properties file,
>  which is in the org.apache.ftpserver.message package. Looks like the
>  above message is not pulled from this file.
>  I am using the code from the 1.4 branch.

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